The Beginning

XIT Paving and Construction began, as many start up companies, as a brainstorm of a couple of guys looking for independence and job security. Both Larry McSpadden and James McCollom (Cofounders) had been involved in construction related fields since the late 1960s and early 1970s.

James McCollom worked for several different road contractors and Larry McSpadden was general manager of a construction supply company. Larry and James met while watching their young daughters perform at pee wee football games and began to discuss business possibilities. Together they formed a business plan to call on property managers and general contractors to solicit pavement repairs, excavation and soil stabilization work.
James had an extensive background in cold in place recycling, cement and lime stabilization, and they began to purchase equipment related to the process. They held demonstrations for property managers, municipalities and school districts to educate people about this unique process as well as solicit work from the different entities.

As luck would have it, the great depression of 1985 for Texas Oil, Real Estate and Banks put a tight budget on most of the property managers, apartment complexes, city and county maintenance departments. XIT was compelled to subcontract excavation and soil stabilization from general contractors. Larry McSpadden, having been associated with all of the road contractors in his 13 year tenure with Lectric Safety Lites and by virtue of his rapport and reputation was able to land subcontracts with Uvalde Construction, APAC, Austin Paving, Ed Bell Construction and many others. Through the experience of working for general contractors, Larry and James began to solicit work as prime contractor. After successfully bidding several City of Dallas contracts and successfully completing the projects Larry and James broadened their horizons and began a concrete paving operation to go along with their successful operation as an earth work and soil stabilization contractor. With the idea of being a turnkey contractor their company size and volume of work increased. They grew from 12 employees in 1984 and $1,000,000.00 in sales to 50 employees in 1986 and $4,000,000.00 in sales.

By 1989, volume had increased to $5,500,000.00 and as such the headaches and growing pains of a construction company divided its owners and Larry bought James out of the business. From 1989 to present, volume increased to $12,000,000.00 per annum, 110 employees and expanded to successfully complete a wider variety of projects. They not only do their own dirt work, soil stabilization and paving, but have added underground utilities to their portfolio and also build all road projects from the ground up.

The XIT Name

When Larry and James began thinking of a name for their business their priority was something TEXAS and something BIG. As most Texans are aware the once heralded and still remembered XIT RANCH is as BIG as you can get (covering more then 3,000,000 acres) and how much more TEXAS can you get. Knowing that the ranch no longer existed, they inquired about the name and found that it was available. Thus XIT Paving and Construction, Inc., and the logo with the star surrounding the 10 counties in which Larry and James intended to procure their projects were founded.

The Principals

XIT Paving and Construction Incorporated January 10, 1985 under the name XIT Paving and Construction, Inc., with its President Larry McSpadden and its Vice President James McCollom. James McCollon sold out to Larry McSpadden in 1989 and Larry McSpadden in currently C.E.O. and 100% stockholder.